The Challenges

Hello, I’m Catherine and I live in Melbourne, VIC Australia. I’ve started joining reading challenges via Goodreads, an online book club and review website. The current challenge I am engaged in is Read Around US in 52 Books combined with Read Around Canada. I am not reading in Central America, although strictly speaking it is part of the North American continent. The first challenge I did was  52 Books Around the World – and all reads for this are now tagged with 52 Books. This will contain my reviews of the books I have read during my trip. I am also doing another challenge along with this one called 13-13-13; starting in the year 2013, I will read 13 books in 13 subjects. These reads will be tagged with 13-13-13. You can subscribe to individual tags with RSS – handy if you only want to keep updated on a particular challenge. So – let’s begin!


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  1. Michelle Ferguson
    Oct 21, 2012 @ 17:33:58

    Sounds great! Might I suggest “From Away” by Michelle Ferguson to help you cover Nova Scotia, Canada? It is available in trade paperback (Chapters/Indigo) and very soon on ibooks (publisher, Borealis Press). My website is

    Thanks for your time!


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