The Infernal by Kim Wilkins

639895I started reading this early May but put it aside to deal with health issues. I had to have a tumour taken out of my face and was in hospital for a little over 2 weeks, so you can imagine I wasn’t in the mood for horror. Also, it was hard to read as my eyes were swollen and as they recovered, they got tired and on top of that, I didn’t have the concentration to read a novel. Magazines, short stories and collections of short journalistic pieces have been my latest reading materials. But I’m back (sort of) to novels! Hurrah!

I’m a fan of Kim Wilkins and own many of her novels. This is her debut novel and I chose this for the Read Harder challenge. I could even double-dip and count this for fantasy, but I think that would be stretching it as it is more urban horror. It is a good story and a really good debut. Plus I am glad to say that Wilkins novels has improved! This is a good scary story and even while it is a reread for me, I had forgotten who the reincarnated sorcerer was – I was sure it was either boyfriend or the would-be boyfriend, but it totally came as a surprise to me. Again!

I do have some quibbles (when do I don’t? Maybe I’m too harsh) but overall, a good story – atmospheric mixed with realism.



Frankenstein: lost souls – Dean Koontz

6914139I draw the line at Christmas cowboy romance. Who knew there were so many of them? I didn’t! So my options for Montana were slim. I went with a Koontz story – first time I’ve read his stuff. And it will be the last! I always had an impression his stuff was pulp airport trash and this read confirmed it. Who knows if I was just unlucky to start with this one? This is part of a series – slap bang in the middle and it can’t be read as a stand alone. I have no desire to read the rest of the series. I thought about how I was going to start this review while I was reading it. One was ‘tropes to the left of me, tropes to the right!’ A criminal called Chang? Check! A sexy librarian? Check! Battle-hardened ex cop PIs? Check! Sigh! I didn’t really appreciate the use of deformed and intellectually challenged creatures as vehicles for humour either. I recently watched Terminator for the first time (I know!) and this book is a very badly told Terminator story crossed with a Frankenstein tale. I am very reluctant to rate books 1 star in Goodreads but there are so many 1 stars for this. I think I will change my review to 1 star. Koontz should have left the Frankenstein story alone.

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